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Shard is a two player co-op game currently in development. I am responsible for the visual development, as well as a collaborator on level design and story.

You can read more about Shard on Gamasutra.
Concept Art

Gameplay Video

Homes and Habitats is a board game about balancing urban development and nature conservation in the California central valley designed by Eliot Miller.

Go Extinct! is a card game designed to teach kids about evolution and evolutionary trees. It was designed by STEAM Galaxy studios, was successfully Kickstarted, and is available through their website and on Amazon.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is in production by Dim Bulb Games. I was hired to do some vignette illustrations in a predetermined style.

The Hole Story was a project that originated in the Girls Make Games summer camp, run by Learn District Studios. It was successfully Kickstarted, and is available on
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